CFRE Accreditation

Are you always busy doing things for work, your family members, and friends?  Maybe now is the time to focus on doing something for you?  Why not consider becoming a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE)?



Have you ever thought about becoming a CFRE? Do something special for yourself and begin the certification process. Here are a few details about the exciting process, but please go to the official website which is for more details and to begin the online application. Even if you do not have five years of paid professional experience, you are encouraged to start keeping track of your information on the application. You will not pay a fee until you are ready to submit your application.

To talk personally with a NEAHP member regarding the certification, process please contact:

Linda Dodge, CFRE

[email protected]


Throughout the year there are special opportunities for NEAHP members to receive assistance from Linda and other NEAHP members as they are going through the certification process. Examples of assistance include an orientation to the CFRE process, guidance about educational opportunities, a review of applications, mentor assignments, study group opportunities, and discussions at the annual conference.

Top 10 Reasons to Become CFRE-Certified

-Increase Credibility

-Improve Career Opportunities

-Prepare for Greater Responsibility

-Develops Skills and Knowledge

-Yields Greater Earning Potential

-Demonstrates Commitment

-Enhances Professional Image

-Reflects Achievement

-Enriches Self Esteem

-Fosters Peer Recognition

The CFRE process requires a comprehensive written application followed by a written exam.
Individuals interested in the CFRE designation must have at least five years of paid, professional practice in fundraising, meet all of the minimum eligibility requirements and pass the written exam.

For initial certification, a candidate must have 80 education points documented on their application. NEAHP annual conferences and other educational programs can help you achieve the points over a five year period. CFRE trackers are provided for each annual conference and they can be helpful when you are working on the application. Attached you will find CFRE trackers for the following annual conferences.

2009 - Newport, RI

2010 – Manchester, VT

2011 – Newport, RI

2012 - Meredith, NH

2013 – Providence, RI

2014 - New Castle, NH

 2015 - Hartford, CT

2016 - Brewster, MA

2017 - Portland, ME

2018 - Woodstock, VT

2019 - Newport, RI (Full Conference)

2019 - Newport, RI (Asking Workshop)


NEAHP is a CFRE International Participating Organization. Therefore if you are an
NEAHP member, you are entitled to a discount on your initial certification and for recertification.

Initial Certification

$680 If you are a NEAHP member

$849 If you are not a member of NEAHP or another Participating Organization


$392 If you are a NEAHP member

$489 If you are not a member of NEAHP or another Participating Organization

Please take time to go to the web site and begin your online application.

Remember you can get personal assistance from NEAHP member Linda Dodge if you have questions.

You are a fundraiser each day to make a difference in the lives of others.

Become a CFRE to make a difference in your life.