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April 10, 2019
Workplace Giving, Engaging Colleagues in Annual Giving

This presentation will explore workplace giving and employee engagement opportunities to increase participation and revenue. 

Kelli Rafferty, Director of Development, Mary & John Elliot Charitable Foundation

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February 6, 2019
Insider's Perspective: Career Transition Advice from a Recruiter

The average turnover rate for development professionals is two years. The direct and indirect cost of finding a replacement is high. The lost opportunity cost is immeasurable. This session will explore the reasons for the high turnover and strategies for finding, keeping and measuring top talent. 

Molly Richter, Partners HealthCare Development Office

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January 23, 2019
Marketing Strategies on a Shoestring Budget

Competition for a spot in the marketplace and media is tough. Learn how to maximize your resources to gain visibility for your products and services. Find out how to market your product, determine and refine your target audience, and reach customers with the right message and the right media. Join to learn effective, affordable ways to connect with your audience.

Veronica Rosa, NEAHP Board Member

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November 7, 2018
Events: A Mission-Critical Aspect of You Giving Portfolio

Special events are a critically important aspect of giving for any nonprofit organization.  They also serve as a community-based marketing opportunity and a donor funnel for individual and major gifts.  Learn best practices for implementing and growing strong special events and ways they can help market your organizations mission and programs.

Jenna, Conz, Marketing Manager, Baystate Health Foundation

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April 4, 2018
Monthly Donors Create the Pond, so Major Donors Can Create the Splash

Learn what's involved in growing your monthly donor program so you can ensure that they provide sustainable revenue for your organization. In this interactive webinar with polls and questions, you will learn the steps to help you cultivate your monthly donors and retain your donors at much higher levels than ever before. The webinar presenters will present many practical tips and a case study on starting a monthly giving program and you’ll receive some handouts to help you get started and growing right away.

Erica Waasdorp, President, A Direct Solution
Christina Wiseman, Marketing Communications and Development Specialist, Duffy Health Center in Cape Cod

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February 7, 2018
Building a Business/Corporate Leadership Giving Society

The Presidents’ Circle is South Shore Health System’s Corporate Leadership Giving Society. It is comprised of 130 businesses through-out the health system’s regional market.  These businesses support the System with gifts ranging from $25,000+ up to $1 million+. Attendees will hear more about this giving society, the keys to its success and learn how you can create a corporate giving program in your organization.

Jessica Symonds, Director of Major Gifts & Campaigns
Marc Cregan, Senior Philanthropy Officer

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October 11, 2017
Breaking the Ice with Your Prospects and Donors

Planned Gifts provide vital funds for our organizations, but how do you bring up the concept in your regular donor conversations? Join us for an enlightening, educational (and often humorous!) session that will walk you through the steps of these conversations. By sharing case studies, we will talk about how to overcome common fears, debunk myths, and identify conversational cues that indicate your donor is a great gift planning prospect!

Christine Walsh, MA – Director of Gift Planning, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

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September 13, 2017
Launching and Managing Successful Employee Giving Campaigns

The impact of hospital employee giving campaigns on patient care can be extraordinary.  Successful workplace giving campaigns can trigger all other giving. Attendees will learn to effectively engage hospital staff in fundraising activities, strengthen collaborative relationships, develop a plan to increase revenue, and better foster an environment in which employee engagement – and their giving – can thrive.

William (Bill) Mountcastle, MPA – President & Principal Advisor, Health Philanthropy Services Group, LLC
Dan Raposa, MPA – Director of Advancement, Exeter Health Resources

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August 9, 2017
You Said What? Turning Stumbling Blocks into Building Blocks

What does it really mean when we are told we must get to know our donors, ask the right questions, overcome objections, etc.?  And how do we exactly do that? This session will provide real life tools and words you (and your volunteers) can use in your cultivation and solicitation of donors.

Robin Popp, CFRE, Senior Executive Counsel, Ghiorsi & Sorrenti, Inc.
Martin Richman, CFRE, Executive Director of Advancement, UMass Memorial Medical Center

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November 17, 2016:
Major Gifts 101

Whether you are asking for time, talent or treasure, the road to YES is the same. Learn from two veteran fundraisers how to cultivate, ask and steward your top prospects and volunteers.

Betsy Cross, CFRE, Director of Development, Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital
Nancy Simpson-Banker, FAHP, Principal Consultant, Accordant Philanthropy

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September 15, 2016:
Boost Fundraising with Your Creative and Passionate Donors by using the DIY

As DIY Fundraising has evolved into a standard revenue stream, many organizations are creating strategies to maximize its impact. Learn more about the exciting world of DIY fundraising, hear why you should capitalize on this program, and discover tips on how you can books your existing DIY platform too!

Tara Tonello, Senior Officer, Special Events, Boston Children's Hospital Trust
Jessica Brandi, Special Events Coordinator, Boston Children's Hospital Trust

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June 8, 2016:
Event Full: Connecting to Cause, Community & Funding

Events should be inspirational, educational, oh, and raise money too. But the very idea of an event can strike dread into hearts of even seasoned professional. Understandable, if events mean diverting staff, under-leveraging relationships, sapping volunteer goodwill and spending money for one-dimensional hours on the 5K route, golf course or ballroom. In this session we’ll explore best practices and strategies for successful event programs that create ongoing connection to cause, community and funding.

Big or small, many of our organizations’ calendars are riddled with events which have run their course and no longer hit any of their desired marks, plus they have a cost to raise a dollar that would make even Donald Trump blush. Clare has worked on a variety of non-profit events from high-society affairs in big cities, sponsorship fueled sporting events and corporate driven outings to smaller more intimate grassroots events in small towns. Through recent experiences at, Community Nurse and past experiences at Southcoast Health System, Brown University, Special Olympics, Junior Achievement and City Meals on Wheels, she has identified some great approaches and some dangerous traps to avoid. Clare’s fun, enthusiastic and interactive presentation style is sure to lead to an engaging and memorable session.

Clare Healy Foley, Director of Development & External Affairs, Community Nurse Home Care

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May 18, 2016:
Are Campaign Planning Studies Necessary? Learn why your colleagues say YES!

Hear from a panel of NEAHP members about the value of their campaign planning studies and actual outcomes achieved during the study process including: setting the stage for transformational gifts, eliciting critical intelligence, identifying new prospects, and cultivating the next generation of volunteers for their record-setting campaigns.

Martin S. Richman, Vice President of Philanthropy/Executive Director, Milford Regional Healthcare Foundation
Elizabeth C. Macomber, Vice President for Philanthropy, Care Dimensions
Carol S. Garlick, CFRE, Vice President, Philanthropy, Hartford Hospital
John G. Modzelewski, Vice President, Ghiorsi & Sorrenti, Inc.
Erica Bryson, CFRE, Senior Philanthropy Officer, St. Elizabeth Community

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January 6, 2016:
Bringing Home the Message of Gratitude

What will you do when your newly implemented Grateful Patient program meets resistance from your clinical team? This session will share our home health agency’s experience to overcome resistance and build trust with key clinicians, evolve message development, and deploy effective patient engagement strategies. You will learn key steps to consider before you implement your program, as well as lessons learned and strategies for building a culture of gratitude.

Mia Millefoglie, VP Development & Marketing, HomeHealth Visiting Nurses
Debbie Betts, Administrative Assistant, HomeHealth Visiting Nurses

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October 14, 2015:
The Exponential Value of Campaign Communications

This presentation will demonstrate use of communication tools that combine visual strategies, traditional marketing, and e-communications across multiple platforms – including online advertising and website strategies, campus signage, print collateral and continuous media messaging – in support of a $25 million campaign effort. Learn how to apply them to your campaign or major gift effort, large or small.

Martin Richman, CFRE, VP/Philanthropy and Executive Director, Milford Regional Healthcare Foundation
Howard Siegel, Vice President, Ghiorsi & Sorrenti, Inc.
Eric Delin, Principal, Delin Design
Glenn Vallach, Vice President for Public Relations and Communications, Ghiorsi & Sorrenti, Inc.

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June 19, 2015:
Prospect Management Toolbox: Innovations in Portfolio Management

How can you manage your activity and portfolio for greater outcomes? In this webinar, we will explore innovations and tools in portfolio management that are helping gift officers at every level to increase productivity and transform their activity into success.

Jack Dresser, CFRE, Senior Vice President and Chief Philanthropy Officer, Southcoast Health System
Alicia Reed, Vice-President, Graham-Pelton Consulting

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April 8, 2015: 
Peer to Peer Fundraising: How to Expand Your Circle of Friends

What is crowdfunding? What channels and platforms are available for promotion? In this webinar we will take the mystery out of this powerful fundraising technique – using Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital’s Race for Rehab Boston Marathon team – which has experienced steady growth since the Spaulding team started encouraging crowdfunding – as a case study. 

Suzanne Adams, Director of Development Communication, Spaulding Rehabilitation Network 
Amanda Ravens, Individual Giving Officer, Spaulding Rehabilitation Network 

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December 10, 2014:
Talking Turkey: The Plain Truth About Engaging the Board & CEO in Fundraising

According to a 2013 Chronicle of Philanthropy report, "half of fund raisers in the top job would like to quit." The report further highlighted that dissatisfaction among fund raisers is blamed on CEOs.

In this discussion, we will begin by talking about how to engage your board in fund-raising, identifying challenges to engagement and opportunities to create alignment between what they believe their role is - what fund raising is - and the reality, which is somewhere in the middle. Then, we will move to the CEO partnership. Knowing what your CEO needs and expects from fund raising is where it all begins. Then, understanding your CEO's executive responsibilities and how to create a viable and reasonable fund-raising role within those responsibilities is the key to success.

Pam Puleo, FAHP, CFRE, Executive Director, Concord Hospital Trust

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