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Here we are, in week six of social distancing, day 34 of the state’s stay-at-home advisory. COVID-19 has touched all of our lives and keeps reminding us of Mahatma Gandhi’s well-known quote that begins, “It is health that is real wealth…”.

After what feels like an eternity of watching and waiting, we know that this will continue and that the next few weeks is anticipated to yield a significant increase in the number of COVID-19 patients seeking treatment and care in our region.

So, as development professionals, we must continue to adapt and collaborate on every front to also meet this challenge. Thank you for everything you are doing for your organizations and our profession as you greet each day with new ideas and creative ways to continue to connect to your community.

As we move through this new way of doing business, I would urge you to lean on one another for advice, ideas and support. We are not alone – we are #alonetogether.