Networking Webinars

Thanks to the hospitality of NEAHP members who volunteer to host colleagues at their institutions, we are able to offer regional gatherings at which members can participate in the Third Thursday Webinar Series. Programming for the Third Thursday Webinar Series is provided by AHP and is offered to NEAHP members free of charge. Advance registration is required. Members receive a registration e-mail, including meeting room information, before each webinar. All Third Thursday Webinar Series events are held from 3:30 – 5:00 pm on the designated day. Please note: Locations are subject to change; please be sure to confirm location on NEAHP website prior to event.  For more information regarding AHP webinars, please go to the AHP website, and if you wish to participate from your desk you will have to register and pay their webinar fee. Otherwise please see the calendar below to find out where NEAHP will be hosting a gathering, and register with us.

Upcoming Webinars: