2019 Conference Sponsor & Exhibitors

Signature Conference Sponsor

Ghirosi & Sorrenti, Inc (GSI) is a full-service philanthropic consulting firm that specializes in planning and executing capital campaigns and major gift efforts. Since 1989, GSI has partnered with hundreds of non-profit organizations in raising billions of dollars in philanthropic support. We marvel at each client`s uniqueness. This motivates us to go to great lengths to first understand a client`s situation and then tailor our services accordingly

At GSI, we pursue excellence and quality in all aspects of our work. This derives from our commitment to further our knowledge and experience in the relentless pursuit to be of increased value to our clients. As such, GSI is committed to:

  • Being an industry leader and innovator, always seeking the highest standards of professional practice and ethical conduct.
  • Protecting our professional integrity and that of our clients and colleagues.
  • Appropriately raising the bar on projected outcomes and, with success, raising it again.
  • Never losing site of the big picture while paying meticulous attention to detail.

Gold Sponsor

The Giving Collaborative (TGC) is a comprehensive philanthropy consulting firm whose mission is to deliver personalized, affordable counsel to non-profit organizations across the United States. We are committed to providing exemplary programs and services that maximize results by focusing on the unique needs of our clients. From campaign readiness and assessment to grant writing, our goal is to always build lasting relationships based on trust and respect with each organization we represent. The Giving Collaborative helps fundraisers build high-performing philanthropic programs.

With offices in Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts and Nevada, TGC is a leader in philanthropy consulting to healthcare. TGC maximizes results for Community Hospitals, Academic Medical Centers, VNA & Hospices, National Healthcare Systems and Sr. Healthcare Organizations. Our strength resides in the realization that we were founded by fundraisers for fundraisers. Visit us at www.givingcollaborative.com.

BCG Connect is a creative direct marketing company specializing in the development and execution of fully-integrated marketing programs for clients nationwide. For more than a decade, BCG Connect has been successful in creating a personalized and custom approach to direct marketing programs, targeting the right people with an effective message.

Silver Sponsors

DonorSearch is the only prospect research company that starts with proven philanthropy to provide more accurate, more comprehensive, and more actionable data to help nonprofits achieve better fundraising and outreach results. Our research has shown that past giving to nonprofits is a much better indicator of future giving than wealth alone. We are the only company that has in-house prospect researchers to manually verify top prospects. The process ensures that screening results are accurate as possible, saving valuable time for the development office staff to get to the next gift. Unlike other companies in the industry, DonorSearch is in business for one reason: to help your nonprofit achieve its mission. We are passionate about improving your fundraising efforts so that your organization can grow. Every DonorSearch client has access to our customer service team at no additional cost. Our Client Support experts train each new client individually using the client’s own data.


We are a highly specialized healthcare philanthropy consulting firm working to create healthy philanthropic results, provide solutions, and deliver cost-effective and innovative professional services for our clients - nonprofit healthcare organizations that serve society and their individual communities.

We are:

  • Trusted advisors and partners to leading impact-driven health organizations;
  • Thought leaders with experiences relevant to today’s healthcare philanthropic landscape;
  • Tactical experts in developing strategies with boards and CEOs and implementing strategies with frontline fundraisers;
  • Team players that serve our clients as a collective group; and,
  • Collaborators that complement and promote collegiality, cooperation, and mutual respect for our client’s benefit.

Our team has many years of experience working with a variety of small, medium, and large health-related nonprofit organizations, foundations, communities, associations and other businesses.  Our focus is on delivering great value to our clients. 



Accordant Philanthropy is a national thought leader in advancing healthcare philanthropy. Accordant leaders serve as faculty, speakers and authors for national industry organizations including the American Hospital Association’s Center for Healthcare Governance, American College of Healthcare Executives and Association for Healthcare Philanthropy. We wrote the industry’s leading book on philanthropy for healthcare executives and the industry’s first in-depth guide on philanthropy for healthcare trustees.  Accordant is a full service advisory firm and we support our clients with Board development, campaign planning and management, grateful patient implementation, strategic planning, mergers and systemization and other needs.  Please contact us to see how we can support you.

Email: John@AccordantPhilanthropy.com


The idea of Thompson & Associates was born in a donor’s living room while Dr. Eddie Thompson was working as a development officer in the 1980’s for a university in Nashville, Tennessee. Eddie was explaining a charitable remainder trust to this donor, emphasizing the great benefits to the organization from the arrangement.

Quietly taking the illustration, leaning back, and glancing over at Eddie, the donor spoke words that shaped our current process: “Eddie, all you care about is my money.”

Ashamedly, Eddie knew he was right. With few words, Eddie gathered his papers off of the donor’s coffee table, excused himself, got in his car, and parked a few blocks away.  At that moment, he vowed to always put the donor’s needs first.

Eddie adopted an estate planning process for his planned giving efforts. After all, how can one truly know if a gift – especially a large gift – is right for them outside of the context of their overall estate plan?  Donors appreciated the process and the results were amazing.

However, there was still something missing. Many donors were uncomfortable giving a representative of a nonprofit too much personal information.  While Eddie stressed that he was only concerned about what was best for the donor, he was still an employee of a nonprofit, dependent on gifts to survive.

If I show him all I have, the donor reasons, he will want it all.

There had to be a better way to truly put the donor’s needs first. In 1996, Eddie started working with his first nonprofit client as a consultant, offering confidential estate planning services to its supporters. As a consultant, Eddie could truly meet the needs of each individual without any perception of bias: he did not ask for gifts, draft documents, manage money, sell insurance, or benefit in any way from his recommendations.  He could focus on truly helping people achieve their planning objectives. The results of the process were phenomenal for everyone involved.

Since the humble beginning in 1996, Thompson & Associates remains true to the initial mission of providing the highest quality estate planning services to nonprofit organizations and their supporters.

Today, Thompson & Associates has grown, garnering some of the nation’s most talented and experienced professionals to service these noble nonprofits and their deserving supporters.

Gobel Group is the leading consulting firm working exclusively in healthcare philanthropy, and the experts in helping clients build meaningful partnerships with clinicians to create a robust grateful patient program. These partnerships help clinician champions identify the best prospects, introduce those prospects to you, and become involved in the philanthropic process. The result is more philanthropic revenue for your institution. Gobel also provides strategic planning, campaign planning and management, data analytics, and board and volunteer leadership training.

Gobel’s team of over 25 individuals includes seasoned healthcare development professionals and clinicians from the top medical centers in the nation, including Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Mayo Clinic, Duke Medicine, and other leading philanthropy programs. Gobel’s consultants have led programs that have raised hundreds of millions annually and directed billion-dollar campaigns. In eight years, Gobel Group has worked with over 300 hospitals across the nation and around the world.

Contact: dave@gobelgroup.com 

Copley Raff is a US and international, comprehensive fundraising and management consultancy to the nonprofit community. We are distinguished by the extraordinary results we deliver for our clients, our exclusive Master Gift Officer™ educational programs and our thought leadership.

Since 1987 Copley Raff has provided effective and individually tailored advancement consulting, aspirational strategic planning, campaign readiness, planning, management services, and executive leadership search to hundreds of organizations. We are the valued partner to nonprofit organizations of all sizes, in virtually every nonprofit sector. Our team of highly accomplished, senior-level consultants work with clients to raise their sights strategically, operationally and through key personnel to optimize philanthropy enterprises from top to bottom. We are proud of the quality work we provide to our client partners, and how consistently we exceed their expectations.

For over half a century, Honorcraft has delivered a potent fusion of experience and innovation in the design and fabrication of all facets of donor recognition.  While our clients have come to expect unsurpassed quality, it is our commitment to their needs and preferences that provides them the unique advantage of an Honorcraft relationship.

Legacy Curator™, a comprehensive service helps you discover, preserve, and honor your philanthropic heritage.  Walls go up.  Plaques come down.  Herritage fades.  And philanthropic momentum can be lost.  We can help.  Ask us about LCTracker, our web-based donor recognition management tool. 

Visit us online at www.honorcraft.com