2018 April Focus Print

Executive Committee Letter

Jennifer Clark, VP EducationDear NEAHP Members: 

Who doesn’t like a celebration? How about an anniversary? A big one? Well, NEAHP has a big anniversary coming up – 50 years – and we will be celebrating!

We kicked things off in Woodstock, VT in early March and look forward to celebrating during the coming year through educational and social events in each state this fall and during the annual conference in Newport, RI in March 2019.

One of our goals is to recognize that we are, indeed, a regional association and so we commenced planning for six individual state receptions in and around the month of October. Planning for a Monday evening reception in Newport as our main celebration 
event during the 2019 conference will also prove to be a not-to-be-missed event!

What started as an idea – a small gathering of fundraising professionals to share best practices – has grown to be a New England tradition. We invite you to join the celebrations, renew your commitment to making a difference in the health of your community and sow the seeds for the fundraisers of the future -- who will likely celebrate the 100th NEAHP anniversary virtually. 

Your support of and dedication to the field of healthcare philanthropy and to professional development through involvement with NEAHP is a great asset to your institution. By partnering with NEAHP, you also make us stronger and help our collective wisdom to shine. 

Please contact me if you would like to get involved in the festivities. See you in the fall, spring, or before!

Martin S. Richman
Immediate Past President

P.S. – If you are reading this first, then you should immediately make sure that your annual fund letter has a dynamic p.s…

P.P.S – Here’s what the economy was like in 1968: The year-end Dow Jones Industrial Average was 943 and the average cost of new house was $14,950. Believe it or not, the cost of gas per gallon was 34 cents and the average cost of a new car was $2,822! Movie tickets were $1.50 and the federal hourly minimum wage was just $1.60 an hour. Wow!

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Scholarship Story

2018 NEAHP Scholarship Report

It’s amazing what you can accomplish as a team! Thank you to everyone who participated in the raffle and silent auction fundraising efforts at the 2018 NEAHP Annual Conference! 

We were on a mission to raise $1,500 from the raffle and silent auction to support two important scholarships, and in true fundraising form, we surpassed our goal! Because of you, we raised a total of $2,740 to support our fellow healthcare colleagues expand their fundraising knowledge and skills, professional network, and personal relationships. 

Two scholarships, the T. Richardson Miner, Jr. Scholarship and the Scott C. Fithian Scholarship, have been established to support continuing education for NEAHP members. As you will see below, we are celebrating two well-deserving recipients of the 2018 scholarships.   

  • The Miner Scholarship is available to any current NEAHP member and covers the full cost of tuition to attend the AHP Madison Institute over the summer plus up to $1,000 in housing and transportation costs.

o This year’s award recipient is Brynn Evans, Director of Development and Marketing, Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital. Her passion and love for development and helping others, and her successes in healthcare fundraising made her a great choice for this scholarship. 

  • The Fithian Scholarship is available to any current NEAHP member and covers the full cost of the NEAHP Educational Conference as well as any hotel fees.

o This year’s award recipient was Katherine Richardson, Director of Leadership Giving at Cheshire Medical Center. Katherine’s ”can do” attitude, positive outlook on life and her development successes made her a great fit for this scholarship. 

We had many wonderful and qualified scholarship candidates this year, and the scholarship committee would like to personally thank each one of the applicants. It was a very difficult decision! 

We hope you will join us in congratulating Brynn and Katherine. We all should be proud that they are this year’s representatives of the Fithian and Miner scholarships; both are shining stars in NEAHP and wonderful ambassadors for healthcare fundraising. 

Congratulations to both! 

2018 NEAHP Scholarship committee – Robin Popp, Lee Ann Clark, and John Garcia

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Sponsor Spotlight

In each Issue of FOCUS, NEAHP is proud to highlight one of our generous sponsors and ask them to provide some helpful fundraising tips for our readers. In this issue, we highlight Five Maples Development Communications, with some direct mail advice. 

How to segment your direct mail and email fundraising

It’s been shown time and again that direct mail fundraising works best when done through old-fashioned person to person communication—and when it doesn’t look and read like a marketing brochure.

Increase personalization and avoid lumping your audience into a “one-size-fits-all” letter by writing separate messages to donor segments and prospects within your fundraising communications. The key is to balance the meaningful differences among them with the time and cost required. How far you go with segmentation depends on your situation.

Here are some helpful segmentation practices to consider in your letter (or email):

  1. Past Giving. If your data is good, segmenting based on giving history is relatively easy. You can vary one or two lines in the letter or email to recognize various types of giving history.

“Because of generous gifts from people like you, we are able to…” (Prospect)

“Thank you so much for becoming a donor! Your generous gift helps us…Will you join us in giving again this spring?” (First-time donor)

“Thank you so much for your previous generous gift. Will you join us…?” (Lapsed donor)

  1. Geography. If your organization has services in multiple regions, consider including language that mentions the facilities near and familiar to them. For example, Middlesex Hospital in Middletown, CT does “up-county” and “shoreline” versions of their appeal.
  1. Areas of Service. A letter that includes specific messaging, testimonials, and stories about a focused service area within your organization (like a Cancer Center or Visiting Nurse & Hospice) can stir powerful emotions in your donors, and bring the best donor response. However, it can be challenging and time consuming to access the information and permission needed to then write multiple versions of your letter. Don’t be overly ambitious—try a general version for the overall mission, and one or two special versions for separate focus areas of service.

Before you get overwhelmed by all the possibilities for segmentation, take the time to figure out which segments you think will have the most impact. Try them out, adjust as needed, and stay consistent with what works!

Five Maples Development Communications takes pride in being a Silver Sponsor of NEAHP’s annual conference. We also pride ourselves on helping fundraisers save time, raise more money, and enjoy doing it. We offer expert advice from years of cultivating relationships with nonprofits all over the country, including many hospitals and health services organizations. Email me at GaryH@fivemaples.com so we can learn more about each other—and raise more money together.

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In Memorium

Donna Lee Umana Newcomb

It is with great sadness that NEAHP acknowledges the passing of colleague, friend and leader Donna Lee Umana Newcomb earlier this year. Donna was a Past President of NEAHP – the first woman to hold the office. She had a memorable career in Philanthropy, and was always generous and gracious with her counsel and support. Donna Lee was a role model for all professional fundraisers and, in particular, for women who chose philanthropy as their career. She will be sorely missed by those whose lives she touched.

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